A comeback for hot iced tea love: TEA-JAY

The man loves iced tea very much. And he especially loves the iced tea of ​​an English tea company in aluminum cans from the Tanke. The man thinks it's really tasty, I think that's really bad. But that's not a problem in itself. Because, of course, I am a tolerant, open personality who would never dictate to others what to drink and eat. Never. Maybe I only once or twice casually read the list of ingredients aloud. Or occasionally cute-swaying turrets of countless sugar pieces stacked on a can. But never would I ever think of ruining the man's beloved iced tea, ne.

I do not even remember exactly how it happened then - but eventually the man stopped, the To attach icing cans and trying to make the beloved drink itself. With real tea, little sugar and no flavorings. He has dealt extensively with it, researched the Internet and launched a large-scale test series. The result was unfortunately only B. The problem: The tea must be cooled immediately after brewing, so that it does not develop bitter, cloudy and bland. The Americans like to put their iced tea for a really good result directly into their gigantic refrigerators. However, we agreed after the first attempt that German refrigerators are only partially or not at all suitable. Alternatively, we poured the hot tea over a large jug of ice cubes - with the result that he no longer tasted right for tea, but before he fell asleep and was not really cold.

Somehow this is hot Ice tea is pretty cool. But when I was recently asked if I would like to look at TEA-JAY, a new ice tea maker from Blomus, I had the hope of getting rid of my guilty conscience to give the man a terrific iced tea experience , Would TEA-JAY be able to bring the iced tea to a boil again?

The first attempt, the man and I put together with the manual and a recipe suggestion from the pack. In doing so, we have found that converting amounts of fluid from c1 to mL can also be a potential for conflict for otherwise harmonic pairs. How much - the hell - are 2 cl? 20 ml or 200 ml? But luckily we were only able to stop such hurdles for a short while.

And so we did the steps conscientiously together. The man's nose in the manual, I the executive power on the device: glass carafe, fill in ice cubes, pour a little syrup, fill up with juice and mineral water, add lime slices, unscrew tea container, put loose tea, pour hot water into the tea container, pull Turn on the lid of the tea container and allow the hot tea to flow into the glass carafe. Close the lid again. Done.

In fact, everything went perfectly well although I've been worried all the time that the boiling water for the tea rushes right down to the carafe. The man, however, continued to distrust my conversion skills and thought we were causing a massive flood in the kitchen because things overflowed. We were delighted when a red cloud from the tea container flowed decoratively into the carafe and everything remained in it.The whole family likes him. The adults find it every now and then with a dash of vodka even better. It tastes different than the beloved can version - but definitely a healthier and versatile alternative to sugared industrial ice tea.

The long version: When you use a good fruit tea, you get a great deal decorative color effect and a fruity taste. The addition of juice gets the whole thing even more Wums, but it also removes more of the idea of ​​a pure iced tea. Of course it works with black or green tea as well.

I prefer the use of mineral water with soda to still water, because the ice tea then has a bit tingling. Lime or lemon slices are definitely a must.

Attention! What I really like to do without is the addition of syrup to sweeten the whole thing. In the recipe book contained in the pack, the use of sugar syrup is provided for each recipe. Just why? The first ice tea prepared by the recipe was definitely too sweet for me. I recommend to use at first no or very little syrup and slowly approach the personally necessary amount. After all, even the fruit juice provides for a sweet basic taste.

Cold or freezing?

The ice tea is actually cold after the preparation, however, the ice cubes in the TEA-JAY have completely dissolved with us. For really iced tea, you should add more ice cubes to the glasses while serving.

Want to have or Tüdelkram?

Of course you can also make iced tea with fruit juice in any other container. The ice tea maker, however, bundles decorative the various ingredients and makes quite nice at table. The effect of the colored tea that flows into the carafe is definitely something for friends of kitchen gadgets.

One-Man Show or Group Catering

The decanter holds 800ml - so TEA-JAY is not for football teams or large families with a lot of thirst. If you prepare the non-alcoholic version as a refreshment drink, TEA-JAY is ideal for 2-3 people. If you want more people to try iced tea, you have to plan either small glasses or two passes in succession. In the version with alcohol, a carafe is sufficient for 4 medium drinks.

Where's the TEA-JAY

The ice tea maker can eg Ordered directly at the Blomus online store costs € 79.95 and comes with a sample of tea from Samova.

Info: Many thanks to Blomus, the gave me TEA-JAY for testing and making a free opinion.