O'zapft is! With 6 great giveaways for the 5th season. Just because. Because gifts are great.

O'zapft is! With 6 great giveaways for the 5th season. Just because. Because gifts are great. Soon it will be time again - there will o'zapft, pulled in, moved, gnawed, the bosom fesch strapped up, the personal beer limit tested and at least once turned by the bank. Yes, it's Oktoberfest! From 21.9. until 6.10.2013 is on the Theresienwiese again the sow a huge Gaudi going on.

Whether you throw in the middle of the fray or rather keep clear distance - here come for you few matching Giveaway, which is definitely fun. Of course there is something for those guys who are very thirsty:

OktoberfestGiveaways on GourmetGuerilla

The Reisenthel Carrybag special edition bavaria Wiesn look is super light, may like totally Dirndl carries up to 25 kilos. The cover with drawstring protects against rain and prying eyes. About design3000 for 59,90 €.

Oktoberfest GourmetGuerilla giveaways

The little sister of the big carrybag: The Reisenthel shopper XS special edition bavaria has no less heart. And with the handles or the long strap, she does everything flexibly. Maybe you have to get your hands off ...
Lockable with a zipper and an inside pocket. Dimensions: length 31 cm, width 16 cm, height 21 cm, volume 10.4 l. About design3000 for 14,95 €

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Brewing Set

If you can not make it to the Oktoberfest, you simply open the counter-event at home and brew your own beer. It's easy with the Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Brewing Set by radbag. In addition to a 3.6 litter glass gallon, the set contains everything you need for your first own beer: cereals, hops and yeast for the first batch, sugar cane, thermometer, hose clamp, proofing device, cleaning agent, vinyl hose, screw cap. You will not be able to brew Weissbier, but great Chestnut Brown Ale (freshly roasted chestnuts provide a sweet, smooth taste that's just a bit malty) or Chocolate Maple Porter (gets its slight taste of dark chocolate from a handful of chocolate malt). The instructions are illustrated and in English. About wheelbag for 59,90 €

Fine stuff Oktoberfest edition

Sweet goes always! And the Oktoberfest edition of Feines Zeug not only comes back in the well-known pretty packaging, but also with crisp-roasted cashews, almonds, honey and caramel. For sugar dolls and anyone who wants to go back to the Oktoberfest the hustle and bustle. Because: No nuts, no glory, no. About Feines

So, who should be your darling now?

You always have a lot of luggage with us, so we like the robust Carrybag with Bavarian messages? Or are you minimalist and take only the bare necessities to celebrate? Then the Reissenthel Shopper SX with a big heart would be just right for you. Ever a carrybag and a shopper is waiting for a new owner.

You have nothing to do with the girls stuff, but you just love a decent beer? And not too little of it. Then you want the Beer Making Kit with everything you need for home brewing. A set is looking for his brewmaster.

Or are you totally into crunchy sweets and make your own Oktoberfest at home on the couch in front of the TV? Sugar doll and back to the hustle and bustle are then clearly the right Giveaway for you. 3 sets were on Knabbersüchtige.

So you join in:

Leave a comment to me until Tuesday, September 17 and tell me

first Which of the giveaways do you want?

2.The giveaways are sent directly via the Kooppartner. The right path is excluded.


Congratulations Meike, Sonja, Birgit, Daniella, Elke and Petra! Have fun with your winnings. Thanks to all the others for participating. There will be a new raffle soon and I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of you.